I went to my friend’s house to get my camera that she borrowed to me last time. My purpose is just to get my camera but in the end their is something that bothering me or gave me a shocking reaction. So I went to her house, when I get their  she, her mom and some visitors are talking. Before I live  her mama asked me if i will graduate, I said yes. And her mama reply she doesn’t want us to go with her on her graduation. I said, yes tita. haha. Me also, I will not bring my parents but it’s up to you if you will go. Her mama said to me, ” I don’t know to her, she doesn’t want us to go.. then I said, last time i told my mom to go with me because I will get a medal but now, I told her not to go anymore. :) Then her mama said, “She, last time just brought us a medal she didn’t told us to go with her” then I stopped replying and look at cellphone. I’ve been thinking, when did she got a MEDAL? Where and how? We are  in the same college and at same time we graduated together in Associate. I’m thinking where & when did she got a medal. I don’t remember that she went to stage and got a medal, all i remember is I am the one who walked to stage and get the medal. but unfortunately the day after the graduation I lost my medal. I only touched the medal for one day and I never seen it again after 2 years… I remember, 2 years ago Graduation day. I have a few visitors, my 2 classmates, my best friend, family friends and lastly my DABARKADS. that night I presented to them my medals and certificates but the next day when I will clean the house I found out that my medal is missing, only the certificate remain. It is not possible that my medal will be misplaced somewhere else because our house is so small that things can find easily. So I texted all my visitors that night if they saw or brought my medals. All of them said that they don’t have it. So I called my mom if she saw it but she said that she didn’t and said that it will be seen soon. but after 1 week, 2 weeks to 1 month, I didn’t find my MEDAl until now. So when I heard that SHE had a medal I”m thinking, is that my medal the one which her mama is telling to I didn’t ask her if when did she get the medal I just walk to the door and go. And when I’m walking to the st?reet, that’s the time a think that there is a posibility that the medal that her mama is telling is the medal that i lost last 2 years ago.  -burara

sana di ako matawag bukas. #studentdiary

tinatamad akong pumasok bukas. #studentdiary

hahahahahahaha #throwback

hahahahahahaha #throwback

kung kelan isang taon na lang saka pa ko tinamad. haha. ewan. parang gusto ko na lang magfocus sa diet kesa sa pag-aaral. ang hirap pagsabayin eh. haha. joke. kaya ko itech.

tapos na sila, ako naman ngayon. :) #diet haha

i wish i could fly so i could go anywhere i want. so i could escape to everyone and to face my problems on my own.

i wish i could fly so i could go anywhere i want. so i could escape to everyone and to face my problems on my own.

2014 is _________.

kaya ka nga maraming kaibigan eh, marami kang mapaghihingan ng tulong. pero wag mong aasahan na lahat sila tutulong sayo. dahil lahat sila may sari-sarili ding problema. hindi lang naman ikaw ang may problema sa mundo noh. tumawag ka sa call centers. baka may sumagot ng problema mo. haha


Sorry kung naging masyado akong madaldal. promise di ko na uulitin yung ginawa ko nung tuesday. Alam ko sa sarili ko pag.uwi ko sa bahay. narealize ko na masyado akong naging madaldal. I’m sorry, di ko napigilan. But I promised to myself that it was my last saying any word of mouth. I swear that is the last. :( I regret it already. from now on i will focus on my studies and forget all of that. Amen. :)